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What is CRCR?
(Celebrate Recovery Crisis Response)

During this difficult time, bringing hope and healing through Jesus Christ and the ministry of Celebrate Recovery (CR), and doing so safely for a participant, continues to be our top priority. Restrictions as a result of COVID-19 have greatly impaired our ability to meet together, which is critical to our process. Therefore, we have outlined guidelines and a process for offering Celebrate Recovery Crisis Response (CRCR) online groups through local Celebrate Recovery ministries.

Although the DNA of Celebrate Recovery states that online groups are not permitted (https://www.celebraterecovery.com/resources/cr-tools/dna), as we believe that face-to-face meetings are the safest way to meet, we decided the emotional damage from the isolation caused by the restrictions was too great and we had to do something different.

CRCR Groups are overseen by local Celebrate Recovery Ministry Leaders. Below you will find links to Facebook Live videos, documents, training videos, and FAQs, about leading and/or attending CRCR groups. You will also find a list of Celebrate Recovery groups that are offering CRCR Groups.

If you are a newcomer, we pray you will reach out to a local group and get connected, and if you have been involved in Celebrate Recovery for a while, that you will continue to stay connected. If you are able, we urge you to attend once a CR near you can open back up to the public.

Keep Coming Back!