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1. If you were already in a Step Study before Covid-19 hit and had to push pause, you can start up again immediately with the approval of your ministry leader.

2. If during this pandemic, you’ve found yourself wanting to get into a deeper relationship with God through a Step Study, contact your local Celebrate Recovery to find out the procedures for a CRCR Step Study.

To find a local Celebrate Recovery to get plugged into, go to celebraterecovery.com and look under the group locator to find a Celebrate Recovery near you for contact information.

3. We still require everybody have their own copy of the participants guides, whether you’re in the Journey Begins or Journey Continues Step Study. These guidebooks are essential in furthering your recovery. The guides can be purchased through pastors.com.

4. A CRCR Step Study must be affiliated with a local church. We want you to go through your local Celebrate Recovery ministry with a trained leader & co-leader from that ministry.

So, you may be wondering why do I have to be affiliated with a local church? Here’s the reason why: When you finish your CRCR Step Study, then you will be able to serve in that local Celebrate Recovery.

Again, with the approval of your local ministry leader.

5. You might say, “I’ve looked online and can’t find a church near me.” We have an invaluable resource that is available to you. And that is our Celebrate Recovery State Reps, who can assist you in finding a church. You can find their contact information on the Celebrate Recovery national website as well.

6. Rodney Holmstrom, our National Field Director, will conduct a FB Live training to answer questions and give you tips for how to start a new Step Study. This online training will take place July 11, 2020 at 8:00 am PST. You can watch the training at any time after that.

Remember, in order to start and lead a Step Study you must get permission from the ministry leader at your local Celebrate Recovery.

In the future we will provide additional trainings, such as how to do your 4th Step in a CRCR Step Study group. The Celebrate Recovery National Team will be monitoring the progress of these groups and address the questions that come up with additional trainings.

7. CRCR Step Study will use the same guidelines that we’re already using for CRCR Open Share Groups. You can find the guidelines at celebraterecovery.com. The guidelines will also be covered in the FB Live training with Rodney Holmstrom.

8. There will be a cutoff date for starting CRCR Step Study groups, to be determined by the National Team. If you start a CRCR Step Study, you will be able to finish that online group.

 ***We still think the best way to do Step Study is face-to-face. So just like the CRCR Open Share groups, the CRCR Step Studies are a response to the crisis our world is going through right now.

We want to do everything we can to make sure our recoveries are healthy. We want our Celebrate Recovery Forever Family to continue to grow stronger in their relationship with God and others!