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Meet Our Team

John & Cheryl Baker - Founders of Celebrate Recovery
John & Cheryl Baker
John Baker is the Founder of Celebrate Recovery, a ministry born out of the heart of Saddleback Church. Since 1991, over 27,000 individuals have gone through this Christ-centered recovery program at Saddleback Church. The Cele­brate Recovery program is now being used in 35,000 churches nationwide. Over five million individuals have completed the program.

National Directors

Johnny Baker - National Director Jeni Baker - National Director Pastor’s Wives
Johnny & Jeni Baker
Johnny Baker - National Director; Jeni Baker - National Director Pastor’s Wives
Mac Owen - National Director  Mary Owen - National Training Coach
Mac & Mary Owen
Mac Owen - National Director; Mary Owen - National Training Coach
Rodney Holmstrom - National Field Director  Carol Holmstrom - National Director Communications
Rodney Holmstrom
Rodney Holmstrom - National Field Director; Carol Holmstrom - National Director Communications

National Team


Celebrate Recovery Founder- John Baker

Celebrate Recovery Co-Founder- Cheryl Baker

National Pastor of Celebrate Recovery- Johnny Baker

National Director- Mac Owen

National Field Director- Rodney Holmstrom

National Director Conferences- Marnie Buehler

National Training Coach- Mary Owen

National Encourager Coaches- Ken and Meaghan Grider

National Assimilation Coach- Roger Stanton

National Ministry Leader- Johnny Baker

National State Rep Trainer- Sabrena Stolze

National Director Celebration Place- Donna Yearsin

National Director The Landing- Andy Petry

National Director Technology- Bobbi McWilliams

National Director Communications- Carol Holmstrom

National Director Pastor’s Wives- Jeni Baker

National Director International- Richard Cobb

National Director Inside- Danny Duchene

National Director Cultural Communities- Cheryl Luke

National Director Mental Health- Sarah Stanton

National Director Native Nations- Joe and Gabrielle Clark

National Director Welcome Home- Quint Pitts

National Director Broken Chains- Jeff Stultz

National Director Celebrating Pastors in Recovery - Hess Hester


Regional Directors:

West – Bob Newby

South Central – Ken Haffner

North Central – Scott Kemp

Northeast – Sheila Knudsen

Southeast – Dickie Everman